IED Training Solutions

IED Training Solutions is a North-east consultancy providing critical and practical training and support in a range of areas including health and safety, risk management, leadership skills, modern day security, corporate resilience and trauma support. Working with both individuals and companies to transform culture and help build focused, cohesive and resilient teams, we provide them with the tools to overcome crises and improve productivity.

Our suite of training courses, both bespoke and off-the-shelf, help clients achieve the above by being:

*Innovative: IED produces bespoke training courses at the request of clients





Our Services Include:

*Courses- A wide selection of training courses, ranging from first aid, including first aid for mental health, through to IOSH and a specialist trauma stress management course.

*Consultancy Services- Our comprehensive range of health, safety and security consultancy services offer the guidance, support and assistance required to achieve legislative compliance. We believe that by partnering with our clients we can provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to their consultancy requirements.

*Trauma Stress Management- Using their unique experience and a proven methodology, IED have developed expertise helping organisations and employees prepare for and deal with traumatic stress. Helping to ensure the long term wellbeing of your employees is not only part of your duty of care, it can reduce absences and down time.

*Online Learning- A variety of online online training courses

Please visit our website for further details and to inquire about specific services.

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