Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

We protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions.

You can contact our Advice Line or office during office hours. We use a callback system where we take brief details of your query and a contact number. This means our staff can try to look into some background on your query before calling you back.

We can advise on rights and good practice to do with: mental health and incapacity law; care and treatment; and if we cannot help directly, we can refer you to other organisations who can. We won't be able to give specific legal advice, comment on whether diagnosis or medication is correct, or take complaints about services (you need to complain locally; your advocate can help you).

When emailing please tell us which area of Scotland you are in so that we can pass it to the member of staff who covers your area. Remember email is not a secure or confidential way to contact us. We aim to respond to emails or letters within two weeks.

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