Shoreline Stoneware

Inspired by the Atlantic coastline, Shoreline Stoneware draws inspiration from the unique Hebridean environment. Natural beach-weathered sea fragments, abandoned at the high-tide line, provide some of the delicate textures captured on the surface on the clay. Set in a stunning location overlooking the sea loch of Locheport, with views over the Minch to Skye, the gallery offers visitors a unique view of the Hebridean coastline.

Each piece of pottery is hand-crafted and captures texture from natural materials and found objects, collected along the shores of Uist & Barra. Work includes stoneware bowls with Uist landscape and beachscape designs. Rock-pool pebble bowls utilise locally recycled glass.These beautiful individual pieces, capture the rugged beauty of the Hebrides. The changing light and seasons are captured in the use of glaze and recycled glass. To view a selection of recent work please visit our website. Commissions are also available, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Early morning visitors to the gallery often have the chance to see Bryan a young male otter fishing for green crab on the loch below our gallery windows.

Opening Times:

March - October:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, we are closed on Sunday.

Please feel free to call out-with these times when sign is up & OPEN

November - February: You will probably find me in my studio which is just before the gallery. If my van is there, I'm there, feel free to call in.

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