Tagsa Uibhist Community Garden Horticultural Project

Tagsa Uibhist Community Garden Horticultural Project is a community focused Horticulture programme to benefit all across the Uists, who needs your support to thrive and grow.

Our vision is to provide a safe and welcoming garden environment for our volunteer adults to grow fruit and vegetables, which are then made available to our island community for purchase, as well as the availability of plants, both horticultural (for our community growers) and non-horticultural plants (beddings, shrubs, and trees). We also invite the on-site Food Bank to access our locally-grown products for distribution among their clients, as well as the offer of continued support in the islands’ 4x primary schools’ Gardening Clubs.

The role of the site garden at Tagsa, East Camp, is to provide a therapeutic environment for the vulnerable adults supported by Tagsa, as well as individuals with other challenges (including physical), allowing them an escape from otherwise-challenging life conditions.

We believe that with a continually-growing customer base, as well as grounds which we are still developing further, courtesy of East Camp Community Enterprise Park, that we will be able to cover general expenses and costs incurred to the growing project through product sales, were we able to establish some generous funding to allow us to re-employ our hard-working and dedicated gardening team. All monies raised will go directly into the Horticulture Project, which enables us to continue to grow the project, in all of its aspects, with the aim of stabilizing the garden's future.

Crowd-funding page listed below (or go to Tagsa.co.uk and click on the 'Grow' tab):


Thank you for your support!

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